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V8 Pre-start Info

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Donate shop content on the first day after the start:



Obtaining the status of a Noble in a donate shop will not be possible until the respawn of the nobless rb

Level 12 Tattoo - 1500 Donate Coin

Nephilim / Zombie Shield (no additional stat) - 300 Donate Coin, Striders - 500 Donate Coin

Functions change nickname - 300 Donate Coin, colors of nickname / title - 200 Donate Coin

Clan Reputation Purchase Service - 50 Donate Coin = 1000 CRP

* A day after opening, B Grade will be added:

Weapon - 800 Donate Coin

Armor Set - 700 Donate Coin

Jewelry Set - 600 Donate Coin


Everything else will be introduced as the economy develops and the players achieve.


Premium account prices:



* Premium account increases XP / SP / ADENA / DROP / SPOIL rate by 50%, free access to .autofarm


First epic spawn:


*Moscow Time


First spawn of important RBs:


*Moscow Time


First sieges:

Giran Castle - 8.01.2022 19:00 Moscow Time

Aden Castle - 8.01.2022 19:00 Moscow Time

* Registration will be closed 30 minutes before the start of the siege
* Registration is available for clans of level 3 or higher


Clan halls first auction:




Will be enabled 10.01.2022


Anais's first appearance will take place 25.01.2022 в 19-30 Moscow Time


Ntsp for taking the quest Four goblets (Halisha) is available from the opening


Restrictions on the number of reset coins in the first two weeks - 10

* The interval for taking rebirth in the first week is 12 hours, the second week - 4 hours (New players can easily catch up with the "oldies")

In the next two weeks, the number of rebirth will be increased to 25

* The interval for taking rebirth in the third week is 12 hours, in the fourth week - 2 hours (New players can easily catch up with the "oldies")

On November 19, the maximum number of rebirth will be increased to 75, interval 12h



Limitation of enchanting in the first two weeks +10 (weapons, armor and jewelry)

Limitation of 
enchanting  in the next two weeks +20 (weapons, armor and jewelry)

On November 19, the maximum enchant will be increased to +25


* The first two weeks - until 01/18/2022 inclusive
* The second two weeks from 01/19/2022 to 02/01/2022 inclusive
* Rollback for taking rebirth - 2-12 hours


The first respawn of ALI / KETRA RB - 02/15/2022


The bonus start is scheduled for 01/11/2022, all new players will receive XP / SP runes + 200% for 24 hours, full No-Grade equipment, 25,000,000 SP, clan 3 lvl with free bufs pp,ee,svs

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